Wednesday, June 4, 2008

From The Jar... #4

Wednesday again? Yep. I just have to say, before we go on with the question pulling from the jar... I finished The Host last night and it was FREAKING AWESOME!! I was pleasantly surprised at how well I liked it. Phew! Just had to get that off my chest. Continuing on.

And the jar says...

Describe your favorite dress/outfit you had as a child.

Oh, where to begin! I had many favorites. How 'bout a short walk through the history of Clancy's wardrobe? I know you are all moaning and saying "NO!!! Please don't!", but this is my blog and I'm doin' it anyway! *wink*

One of my early favorite outfits was some purple sweat pants with turquoise piping down the side of the legs with a turquoise/purple/pink/white vertical striped shirt that matched. I think the pants had a purple jacket that matched it, but I don't remember wearing it that often. I loved them. I was in first grade and I thought I was hot stuff. I would have worn them everyday if my mom would have let me.

I also remember a cute little mini skirt that my mom sewed me. It was some sort of pastel colors with a print I can't recall right now... but I wore it with a white shirt and a pair of Keds that had the same pastel colors as the skirt- aka, my singing shoes, right Beth! For those of you who aren't Beth (which is most of you, in case you are confused) those Keds got holes in them right at the heel where the sole of the shoe was attached to the canvas part. If I squeezed them on the sides, that hole would open like a little mouth and I would play ventriloquist and sing with my shoes. It was highly entertaining when you were in approximately third grade.

Let's jump ahead to 5th grade. My grandma, who had non-grandma taste in fashion, bought me a sweet outfit. Black mock-turtleneck with blue plaid pants. The pants had button on suspenders. That sounds really awful as I type it, but trust me... I was sizzling! ;)

Seventh grade(or maybe it was sixth?) was all about Units. I know some people don't remember these, but they were solid knit pants and shirt that you could mix and match and they had something called Bandeau's that were a thing you would wear around your waist. Hard to explain. Maybe someday I'll find a picture of them. Anyway, my sister got a set of the brand name stuff, but when I asked for some, my mom sewed a set. Ya, I got the shaft. I'm over it! Oh wait... wrong post.

High school was pretty much jeans and T-shirts. I had some favorite jeans... my pair of Guess jeans and one pair of green Lucky's. I considered myself a granola. (I know... granolas wouldn't own Lucky or Guess jeans. Get over it!) I always tried to steal my sister's Patagonia shirts. She hated that.

I will end our trip back in time on the high school note. I'm sure you are all jumping for joy. As much as one can jump sitting in front of their computer. Anyway, thanks for checking on our Wednesday From the Jar posts. Be sure to let us know your favorite childhood outfits either in a comment or post on your blog... but be sure to comment on here so we know to go check yours!


Rachel Chick said...

The funniest part about this is that it's almost like taking a walk through time - reading this post. I can see it almost year by year - funny. Anyway. Maybe we'll stop by and chat today, if you're not too busy. I'll just have to call you. I think I could use a friend and we're doing pretty good on the housework today, so if I can get a shower in the next few hours --- the one that's been waiting for 3 days to happen --- we'll have to head on over for a little while! :)

Beth S. said...

Ahh, the good old days! I definitely remember the singing shoes and loved all the different voices those shoes could produce! Clancy, you were always stylin-I tried to keep up with you but felt like I was just never quite there. (Not true, I just remember feeling that way). Remember at Brighton camp when everyone thought we were twins because of our little tan hiking shorts, hiking shoes, and matching t-shirts? Definitely granolas! I remember in high school switching jeans with you for a month or so. I was sure I would look just as cute in them as you did. But, alas, that was the month I truly understood the meaning of different body types. I loved all your different color low-top converse shoes in high school too. I always loved your jewelry. YOu always had, and I'm sure still do the coolest earrings and necklaces and rings. You definitely had a style all your own, and not just clothes, that's what I loved about you!

Clancy in Idaho said...

Rachel... You didn't stop by! I even cleaned my house for you! ;) Just kidding. I cleaned my house because I was freaking out about not having any control over someone paying me rent or not and so I cleaned because I have control over that! Drop by sometime though. We'd love it!

Beth... I knew you'd remember the singing shoes. They were awesome! (except in the rain...) I do remember Brighton when they thought we were twins. Those were some good times. I was always jealous of you cuz I felt like I was just a wanna-be granola and you were more authentic. Funny how different our perspectives can be! I know the story about different body styles. About the only person with whom I can switch clothes and look about as good as she is Sarah, my sis. Well, except for the chest department. I come up shy in that area... Sass... not so much. Other than that, we have very similar body styles. I'm a little taller and have longer arms and bigger feet, so shoes were out. Bummer. Anyway, thanks for the comments! They make my day! :)

Rachel Chick said...

How about tomorrow!? The shower didn't happen until 5:30 today! :) There's no way I was coming over while I looked like a greasy little demon! :) ha ha! I'll call you tomorrow!

Clancy in Idaho said...

sounds good, but make it in the afternoon... we will be gone in the morning to the zoo. Wanna come to the zoo? It's our litte mother's group at 10:00, and since you used to be in our ward, you might know some people.

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