Friday, May 30, 2008

Plasma Reject

I never knew how much donating plasma has come to mean to me. I donated today and I have actually missed it! Who'd have guessed?

Previous to today, the last two appointments that I had scheduled I was unable to donate. The first of these two, I went in, got weighed, got my finger pricked and blood milked from it, got my blood pressure, heart rate and temperature taken. "Go on back and find a bed", they say to me. I go back, talk to my sister for a minute, and find my bed and start to stash my purse. Next thing I know, the gal that poked my finger comes to inform me that she sent me back preemptively. You see, they prick your finger every time you donate to check your iron and the protein levels in your plasma. I passed my iron test... it was on the low side, but I passed. However, my protein got a big fat 'F'.
You Were Rejected

I felt like I got hit in the stomach. I felt like a reject! It was so strange how bummed out I was that I couldn't get a big fat needle stuck in my arm and have my blood taken out and put back in. I left the building feeling dejected.

The very next time I went to donate I did the whole process over again. This time my protein was fine. Everything was looking good. EXCEPT... my temperature. You think of temperature being a problem and you're thinking a fever, right? Nope. No fever for this girl. You have to have your temperature at a minimum of 96 degrees. I came in somewhere around 94.5. Yeah. That's what I said! They do give you a second chance on this one. I went and sat for 5 minutes. They called me back and I had gone up to a measly 95.3! Uhhhh... sorry! Buh-bye!
Twice in a row. Seriously. The second time was better because they didn't send me back to get a bed. I felt worse the first time because I went back all set and they had to retrieve me from the donation floor. It was embarrassing.

Like I said earlier... I am happy to report that we are back vampire-business today! Got the blood sucked and I'm feelin' good! :)


Kristin said...

LOL... poor thing! Congrats on the return. ;)

Sandy said...

I never pass the iron test. Hubby gives blood are on regular schedule and so does my daughter. Last time hubby did the plasma too, but had some trouble; so probably will just stick to donating blood from here forward.

Saw your comment on 25 Things for Charity, you asked if you'd made it to my blog. You made it to a group where we both belong. 25 things for charity. When you click on a persons name you get the dashboard thing with their blog or blogs and the groups. If there's more than one persons name listed it's a group. I'm amazed by some that have multiple blogs and groups too, and sometimes find I end up in the wrong spot. So, please swing by when you can. My blog is titled Sandy's Space for....and only has one name listed.

Have a great wkend.

Britta said...

please tell me that you are getting paid for this!!!

Kristy said...

Hi Clancy,
You are so funny, I've loved reading through your blog for a few minutes here. I'll definately be back soon! Thanks for leaving me your blog address, and for being a great friend!