Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Manic Monday: Star

I went to bed last night excited that I would get to do a Manic Monday post when I woke up. Then I woke up and realized that it was Tuesday. :( I missed Monday! Three day weekends do that to me. So... we are doing a Manic Monday Tuesday! (I was going to bag the whole thing, but I saw Britta's comment on Memorial Day asking where my MM post was! I laughed out loud and decided I'd proceed...)

So, here is my Manic Monday Tuesday post STARRING.... sippy-cups!

Am I the only mother out there who has a sippy-cup problem? I have about a zillion of them and my cupboard is either feast or famine with these babies. I am not the world's best housekeeper and when I reach the overwhelm point (or my mother-in-law is coming to stay) I go on a cleaning rampage. This is usually about the same time as my sippy-cup-cupboard-famine. Whilst I am cleaning like a mad woman, I find all the stray sippy-cups strewn about the house in strange places like under a random bed, behind the garbage can, under end tables in the living room, under the computer desk, behind the washer or dryer, under the stairs to the basement, outside getting sun-bleached or in a toy box. There have been some strange places that these puppies have ended up! Oh... let's not forget the car! I always find at least one in the car whenever I clean it.

As I clean the house, the sink seems to magically fill up with these wonderful little inventions. (Seriously, how did mothers survive pre-sippy-cup!) Then comes the dreaded task of washing all of them. You know what I'm talking about, girls! The sippy-cups that were lucky enough to get lost with a simple drink of water in them are breezy. They may get a funny little smell to them, but I don't mind. They're not so bad. Yes. You know it Moms! It's the MILK that's the doozey!

When my precious Rohan carries off a sippy-cup of milk and doesn't return with it in hand, all the red lights and warning bells SHOULD start going off in my brain. Unfortunately, my wires that feed those alarms bells and red lights have been sabotaged and, by the time he comes back from his place of wandering, I have completely forgotten it! So, several days or WEEKS later comes the cleaning rampage, the finding of sippy's, the filling of the sink and, the delicious discovery of the curdled milk cups! Mmmmmm!

No, actually... ugh would be the appropriate word. If they are fresh within a day or three... not so bad. More than a few days... the gag reflex kicks on, and I'm seein' stars! Some of you might think... "Aw, come on Clancy! That's not so bad! Just send the offending milk down the disposal and chuck that baby in the dishwasher!" To any of you who might be thinking such thoughts, let me just say, "I WISH...upon a STAR!!" (OK, that was a terrible cheese-whiz covered stretch, and I know it!) I have neither disposal, nor dishwasher. I am pretty much living in the stone age at my house. I get to hand wash every one of those stinky little things. Suffice it to say... this is not my favorite job in the whole wide world of Motherhood... but it's not my least favorite, either! (Think "Mom... I have to puke!" I'll take the washing of curdled-milk-sippy-cups, thank you!)


Rachel Chick said...

Clancy, you are one cool chick! (cliche, I know.) I am totally with you sista! I HATE cleaning sippys and bottles. Whoever invented the shape of that idiotic thing??? The ones that are too old - I chuck them. I'm not cleaning that disgusting stuff! The thing I don't get is the ridiculous price of sippys. --- I guess that's why I only buy the $1 ones. :)

Maria Hart said...

I am having a very visceral response to this post! My gag reflex is working! Not only have I found Keller's misplaced sippy cups with curdled milk, chocolate milk is especially bad... but have you ever grown science projects in your refrigerator? You know, the leftovers that never get eaten and the produce you forget you bought? My only method for cleaning (no dishwasher or disposal either) is to dump all nasties into the garbage and sterilize the containers. This process requires me to leave the kitchen regularly in order to take deep, clean breaths of air, run into the kitchen, do as much as I can, and run back out. Repeat. The garbage immediately leaves the house and the dishes soak in the sink filled with hot water filled with suds and about a cup of bleach. Vinegar also works. But I agree, given the choice between vomit and rank sippy cups, I'll take the sippy cups, hands down.

Britta said...

I laughed out loud reading about this! It's been a while since I have had this happen since my kids are all a passed that stage but I DO remember the rotten-milk-filled-suprises that were often found in the oddest places.

I'm a brat but I threw them out simply because I couldn't stand the idea of even one whiff of that chunky mess!!! This also dwindled our supply which was probably a good thing as you said because they seem to take over the kitchen!!