Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Baby!

Today was my little baby boy's birthday. It was on this day three years ago that Rohan Xavier came into my life. I was in love with this child the instant I saw him, as I was with all of my kids... yet, somehow I remember the feeling of the instant bond more clearly with Rohan, perhaps because it's my most recent memory of seeing my newborn for the first time. Regardless, Rohan has been a joy to have in our family since the moment he was born. (double click the pics if you want to see them bigger!)

Me in labor with Rohan... I'm having SO much fun!!

Rohan Xavier just minutes old.

Loved by Dad, brother and sister...

A couple days old.

Sweet sleeping boy.

Rohan and cousin Emma who is 15 hours older than he.

Smiley little munchkin!

His hair would not lay down flat... even with gel. He had wild hair ALL THE TIME! And, btw, that's my sister, Sarah, holding him! She's cute, huh?

Such a doll baby!

Notice the hair standing up?

Loved by his brother and sister... and the hair still won't lay down.

Rohan was always very skinny! This is his friend who is only a couple weeks older than he, but as you can see.. much bigger!

Our buddy eating prunes. He kept rubbing his face!

First birthday... so sweet.

Tastin' the cake... mmmmm... not bad!

He's a camera ham, for sure.

Blondie boy.

He didn't like to wear costumes until recently. Remember the frog? Anyway, this was Halloween and he wore this costume long enough to take this picture and that was it!

Rohan will jump off of almost anything. He is a daredevil! This is him in action at a mere 18 months old.

Always in action...

We used to ask Rohan to do his 'cheezers' and he'd do some version of this "smile" every time.

What a sweet boy!

Pre-recent-haircut on the ice cream day with Mom...

His best buddy, Keller!

Post-recent-haircut! He looks so grown up!

And this is my favorite picture of my sweet little Roh Roh! Happy Birthday, Buddy! We love you!


Kristin said...

That is a very cute post... it's fun to see the progression. He's a doll!

Maria Hart said...

Big birthday wishes from our house to that little man, especially from Keller. It is so rewarding for me to see Keller find a friend... and such a great one at that. These little guys are growing up so fast. It really pulls the maternal heart strings to see pictures of newborns and their progression into little boyhood. It almost (truly) makes me consider another. Bad timing though! Happy birthday again. My kids loved the cupcakes.

Michelvis said...

Cute Baby! He has such beautiful eyes and I LOVE his name.