Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Ella Brae!

Yes, it's true. Rohan and Ella's birthdays are just five days apart. We had a little family party on Sunday. My sister was in town with her two kids. We had a cake for Rohan and Ella both, so they both blew out candles. It was fun.

Then for today, which is actually Ella's birthday, we went to the zoo. It was just Mac, Ella, Rohan and I and my parents. Dustin was at work, of course. It was raining earlier this morning, but we went after it stopped and stayed til they closed. It was a very pleasant day. The animals were mostly very active in the cool but comfortable air. The crowds were very sparse, I'm guessing due to the rain earlier. Very pleasant indeed.

As we left so late, I didn't want to go home and cook dinner and have everything run, we went to 5 & Diner! While we were sitting there eating she asked, "When are the workers going to come out clapping and sing Happy Birthday to me?" It was so cute! She, apparently, remembers that they do that at restaurants and wondered when they would do it for her! We asked and they sang AND gave her an Oreo milkshake on the house! She felt very special.

So, as I did with Rohan, I wanted to take you on a little tour of Ella's 6 years of life...

Ella Brae

The little miss just hours old.

The new and expanded family. Check out the swollen nose on the mamma~

A couple weeks old... so pretty.

Sleeping by big brother Mac.

Look how cute!

This is Ella and my Grandma Carol. I miss Grandma every day. She was sunshine in human form!

The impish side of Ella...

My mom photoshopped it and made lots of little imp Ellas.

One of my favorites... she is about 7 months old.

Her first Easter. I made the dress too big, but look how cute she is!

She had the bow-leggedest legs you ever did see! She walked at 8 1/2 months. I think she was about 10 months in this pic. (Mac's boots on her. And stitches in her eyebrow...)

She loved to pretend she could read.

Christmas, 19 months old.

Ella and her famous Dee Dee.

Easter number two. She was almost two years old.

Mac and Ella got into the flour and sugar. She was covered!

On our way to an impromptu Halloween party!

Easter number 3!

Ella on her 3rd birthday!

Camping, three years old.

She decided she wanted freckles, so she drew some herself.

This was typical Ella hair at this age. That's why we chopped it short not too long after!

She would fix her hair herself... can you tell?

A favorite picture of my Ella.

Happy Birthday number 4!

Halloween at four years old.

Halloween at five.

Taken last Saturday. Happy Birthday, happy girl! We love you!


Mags said...

You really do have quite the cute family!! Must be 'cause their momma's super cute. :)

Maria Hart said...

Ella is beautiful! And she's nice and smart, which is even better! Lucky Mom!