Wednesday, May 28, 2008

From The Jar... #3

Yes, it's Wednesday. Time for a jar post!

And the jar says....

What church callings have you had? Which did you enjoy the most?

This was a real temptation for me to pick a new one out of the jar, but I made a promise!

I have served as:

-Visiting teacher (currently serving as!)
-Sacrament Meeting Pianist
-Nursery worker (twice in the same ward)
-Primary Chorister (in two different wards)
-CTR 5 & 6 teacher
-Enrichment Teacher
-Choir Director (currently serving as)
-Assistant Music Chairperson {also currently serving as...} (basically, this means I pick the music and lead the singing in Sacrament Meeting when the real Music Chairperson can't be there-which is a lot. She has terrible back issues.)

I think that's it. Short list, huh? I didn't count being the Laurel president or Mia Maid whatever I was. I can't remember what, exactly, I was called to in any of those Young Women callings.

So... which did I enjoy the most? I can tell you that I really enjoyed being the Enrichment teacher. I loved that 1) it was a once a month calling. 2) I learned so much every time I prepared a lesson. 3) I was very comfortable teaching. I really just enjoyed it.

I mostly really like my callings right now. I'm kind of a crappy visiting teacher, but I love my partner and the little old ladies we visit. I also like leading the music in Sacrament Meeting. I'm entertained by watching people from up on the stand and watching for the few who actually look at the chorister!

I have really started enjoying being the Choir Director over the last year or so (been it for over 3 years). It's probably the most challenging and yet rewarding calling I've had and I've either totally hated it or really loved it, depending on the year.

I felt SO inadequate for the position during the first year. (just because you sing DOES NOT mean you know how to lead a choir!) Then, when I really started getting more comfortable and even enjoying it, they threw a stick in my spokes. They combined part of another ward in our Stake with ours and it brought some incredibly talented people into the choir who knew WAY more about directing than I did. I felt like a total retard all over again. It's been about a year now and I am to the point where I am feeling good again and enjoying it! Actually, one of those oh-so-talented ones helped me with some things I was struggling with (cut offs, for example!) which was great! ;) That wink is for you, oh-so-talented one! Leading the choir has helped me musically too. I am WAY better at timing than I ever was. And when ward members come up and tell me that the choir sounded wonderful, I feel an amazing amount of satisfaction. It has some unexpected benefits.

Can I throw in which calling I enjoyed the least? OK. I will. Sacrament Meeting Pianist. This was in a singles ward in college. No one played the organ in our ward so they called me and another girl to play the piano where we would alternate weeks. I was out of town for several weeks in a row so she played for a while. I think I was secretly just avoiding my turn. I didn't have a piano to practice and I was not very comfortable with accompanying- I had had almost no experience with it. SCARY!!

Let's just say I only played for ONE meeting, and I still chalk it up to the most embarrassing experience of my life. I hid behind the piano and cried and cried through all the speakers. Right after the meeting was over I bolted out the door at the front of the chapel, ran home and locked myself in my room all day. Dustin (who was my boyfriend at the time) came and knocked a bunch of times and I just told him to go away. It was awful.


Britta said...

I do so love your posts! I also love that you posted your least favorite calling although that was a sad story that made me want to run to my room and lock my door.

I have always pictured you as a Choir Director simply because your voice is so dang AMAZING! Yes, this brings me back to 'A Long Time Ago' favorite Clancy bit of all time!

I still remember sitting in the kitchen of our home on 5th North and listening in awe as you played the hymns so flawlessly (and always criticizing yourself which made no sense to me). Back then I wasn't familiar with the hymns so it really was a learning experience and something that I quietly loved!

Kristin said...

Only one word can describe this... AMAZING!!! That goes for you and Britta (whose post I actually read first). You two are in a class all your own and I'm remind how much I need to grow. Thank you for your posts. I truly love them!