Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From The Jar... #2

It's Wednesday and I've got the jar ready. I have vowed to myself that I will post on the FIRST one I pull out of the jar. That is not easy for me. I want to search through them and find the one I WANT to write about today. But no... I am not going to do it! I will be true and just pick one out and DO IT!!! So... here goes. The jar says...

What is the most adventuresome thing you have ever done?

(If you want to play From the Jar with me, either tell me your fairly brief adventure story in your comment or leave a comment directing me to your blog to read about your grand adventures! And you don't have to write novels, like me... I just get carried away!)

So, this is a hard one for me. I would have to say having children! Naw- I'm just kiddin'...sort of.

(Double Warning! This is lengthy-er than last week's. Sorry Kristin! I want to record this one for posterity, so bear with me... I have to do it justice.)

Most adventurous or not, the first thing that came to mind was going to the Lilith Fair in 1997 with my friend, Erin.Lilith Fair

I was in SLC visiting family for the weekend, and I went and hung out with Erin on Sunday afternoon. We started talking about the Lilith Fair and how awesome it would be to go. This was the first year for Lilith and the venue was irresistible for she and I. Almost every major act of this show was a favorite of ours. So the plan-hatching began.

We decided that I would stay for the week rather than leave with my parents that night. She would drive me back to Idaho the next weekend. Our parents agreed. Step one... check.

We figured that first of all, we should see if the concert even had any tickets left. We had two options, Phoenix, or Mountain View, CA. California had the better venue and, therefore, was our first choice. We called the ticket hotline where we received a serious blow... California was sold out. Bummer. I can't remember why we didn't call and get a ticket in Phoenix because it was not sold out... I think we just REALLY wanted California. For some strange reason, we called back just a few minutes later just hopeful about Cali... and BAM! two tickets had been canceled just a minute before in RESERVED SEATING! (we were just hoping for some general admission tickets) YAY! We booked them! We did a dance of victory and then realized that we had no idea how we were going to get there. Keep in mind that this was Sunday evening, time was ticking and the concert that we just paid for started at 3:00 on Tuesday in northern California! That was less than 48 hours away.

Let the brainstorming begin! Erin didn't have a car... she was still stuck with the 'rent's wheels. I had a car, but it was in Idaho- plus my hood had blown up on the freeway and smashed my windshield not too long before and a smashed windshield and no hood = bad for driving to California. Bummer.

So... Erin proceeded to beg her parents for their car. They would've let us, but the one car was unreliable and the other needed new brakes or something. And we would've had to leave before it could've been done. We called every person we could think of who might want to join us in our crazy little jaunt...(and, hey... by the way, can YOU drive?)... no go. It's getting late, and we don't have any wheels... so let's try wings! We called Morris Air...

"What can ya do for us, folks?"

Round trip air to San Fransisco leaving tomorrow at 6:00 am? $249. Hmm.... Erin and I look at each other for two seconds... done! We'll take it, thank you!

Where are we going to stay? Lucky for us, Erin has a friend that lives in San Fran. Charlotte is her name. We give her a jingle. We are flying there tomorrow. Can we please crash at your house? No problem, she says, I'm going to the concert too and we can go together! YAY!

So, Erin's dad drives us to Salt Lake City International Airport at about 5 am Monday morning. We are sitting at the terminal waiting for our flight. We see two boys walk by, one of which is carrying a guitar. We are silly 18/19 year olds and we giggled about them, joking that they are probably going to get on this flight because they are *likely* going to the Lilith Fair too! Ha ha... we are so funny!

The flight boards- there is no assigned seats on this flight, we were told by the booking agent. We pick a couple of seats and the plane fills up. Along comes a grumpy guy who looks at his ticket and then looks at me and says... "You're in my seat!" sir... my ticket has a seat on it too... but there aren't assigned seats. After minimal arguing I could tell that he was too darned grumpy to convince, and I was too darned excited to care! We got up to move and the plane had filled up considerably. The only seats near each other were two isle seats. So we sat, isle between us, passing notes back and forth so we wouldn't disturb people like Mr. Grumpypants. As we're sitting there in walks two boys, one carrying a guitar! Ah... we were right! Cute boys are following us to the Lilith Fair! Ha ha! We are so funny!

Our flight was uneventful aside from seriously fun note passing. And about an hour later we landed in San Fransisco. This was my first trip west of Utah. I was pretty excited. We decided that we should ask those boys if they were going to Lilith (I'm pretty sure we just wanted to flirt with them and that was a good excuse!). We got off the plane before them and decided since they were being so slow we would hit the restroom. Alas, we lost them. They got off while we were going potty and disappeared. Poor us... no flirting today!

So we were on our way! It was then the adventure really began! Charlotte's parents couldn't come to pick us up because they had to work. So, we got explicit instructions on how to get to her house in the city using strictly public transportation. We rode a bus first, then got on a subway that was underground and then emerged to above ground. (pretty exciting for an Idaho girl!) Then we got on a light rail and then a trolley. There were many small miracles that kept us getting on the correct bus/train/subway... we had some serious guardian-angelship happening.

So, we amazingly made it to Charlotte's house. I have no recollection of what it was that we did that night, except go to bed. Did we eat or go out or anything, Erin? (if you're reading this...) Anway, I know we went to bed! The next morning we got up and arranged things with Charlotte. She had to work until 4:00 and she and her friends were going to drive down after she got off. The concert started at 3:00. Not acceptable. We didn't come all this way to miss the first two or three hours. (the concert was about 30 miles away...) We got some more public transit instructions... this one involving a train AND a taxi! (a REAL train... not some subway/light rail kind of train! This was way exciting for Clancy!) We trudged through San Fran and somehow made it to the train and then to the CONCERT!!!!

The CAL-Train didn't run after 10:00 and the concert ended at 11:00, but not to worry! Charlotte and her pals were going to meet us at the T-shirt booth after Paula Cole... about 7:00 and then we would get a ride back to Charlotte's place with them after the show was over. Perfect!

We wandered around loving every minute of it! It was so great! The heat of the sun beating down on our bare arms. Finding the "village stages" and watching smaller acts of women artists. Looking at T-shirts (and buying two!), anxiously awaiting the bigger acts coming on later! We were like kids at Disneyland!

The day passed blissfully and we found our reserved seats in the big stadium. We rocked out to Susanne Vega and Paula Cole and then went to the T-shirt booth to meet Charlotte. No Charlotte. Hmmm...... Big deal! Jewel's on next! Ran back, sang along with Jewel, back to the T-shirt booth... still no Charlotte. Hmmm... we'll figure it out later cuz it's TRACY CHAPMAN! Danced and sang to Tracy, back to the T-Shirt booth. Nothin'. Umm.... this could, potentially be a problem... but who cares! Let's go watch Sarah! (Sarah McLachlan was our FAVE!)

Sarah delivers a stellar performance, as always, and then we come back to reality. We are in a bit of trouble here. What do you think we should do, Erin? I know... let's see if we can sneak backstage! Ya! Good idea! Maybe a cop will arrest us and drive us back up to San Fran! Ya! That's a good idea too! Let's get in trouble!

So, we go down toward the stage instead of up to the most convenient exit. There are masses of people exiting down an isle. We are trying to get in to the mass, but no one is letting us in. Finally a guy notices this and stops walking to let us in. "Thanks," we tell him. "Sure," he says. We start talking again about how we are going to get home. "Maybe we can get Tracy Chapman to take us home. She said she lived in the bay area."

Our line-stopping hero says, "Oh, are you guys a long way from home?"

"Ya," we say. "We're from Salt Lake City."

"No way!" he says, pointing to his friend just ahead of us. "We're from Salt Lake City too!"


"NO WAY!!" they say. "You're the girls sitting on the two isle seats on the plane!"

We tell them how we joked that they were going to Lilith... we all marvel at the fact that we run into each other at the show with 25,000 people there.

We stand in front of the amphitheater and talk for a while. Turns out one of them was the cousin of the bass player in my boyfriend's band. The other grew up in the house I lived in college and knew one of my roommates. Crazy, crazy, crazy!

We talked to them for a long time and it eventually came out that we didn't have a ride to the place we were staying. They offered to drive us 30 miles to the north, when their destination was 25 miles to the south. Call us crazy, but we gratefully took the ride. They were very nice... and somehow we directed them to Charlotte's house! (that was a miracle all by itself!) They dropped us off and we said profuse thank yous and goodbye.

When we knocked on the door to Charlotte's place her parents opened the door and freaked out! They were worried sick about us. (pre-cell phone days!) Turns out Charlotte's friend didn't get tickets to the show and so they didn't come at all. We told them our tale and they absolutely agreed with us that we had guardian angels doing some serious overtime!

We went to bed, woke up early and got ourselves back to the airport. Got on the plane and were back in Salt Lake by 10:30 am- less than 72 hours after we started making our plans to go!

Thanks to Erin for an adventure not soon forgotten, even 11 years later!


Barb @ getupandplay said...

Clancy- What a fun coincidence that you came across my blog! I'll have to tell John, he'll love it! What a great story- you're so adventurous! Was the guitar player Danny? I'll have to ask him if he ever played Lilith Fair!

Clancy in Idaho said...

Danny is ringin' some bells... but I'm not sure. To many years passed. Ask Danny sometime if he went to Lilith and gave two crazy girls a ride to San Fran! :)

That was some fast replying, btw. You must have been sitting at your computer!

Nice to meet you, again!

Kristin said...

Okay, I'm replying to this one on my blog... today even... it might be familiar if you know Britta's michelvis well.

Jon Lamoreaux said...

You don't know me, I just happened to stumble upon your blog. Great story! Also being from SLC and later living in San Fran, not to mention attending loads of concerts at Shoreline where you saw the show, your story and all its detail was very vivid. I miss that place.