Friday, May 2, 2008

Comment Games!

So, we all know I love comments! They are so fun! I love to leave comments too... as any of my fellow bloggers know! (commentorhea, Rachel?)

Seems as though most of us have the word verification option set up on our blog where, before the comment will save, you have to type in a funky, sqiggly or distorted word. I used to think they were annoying. After a while I found myself saying what it said out loud trying to make it be a real word. As more time passed, I noticed that some of the more legible ones, I would make up definitions to the word. So, it turns out, I think they are pretty fun! Here is a little list of a few of the goofy things that have come out of my little game. Feel free to add your own anytime!!!

lawgy- groups of people that hang out in courtrooms just for fun.

xtaks- An alphabet movie for kids where the X's attack all the other letters and tries to take over the alphabet.

yeevx- The part of the body that you didn't know could be sore until you did too much yoga with Rodney Yee.

xcsef- The word "except" as abbreviated by children or people that talk too fast.

ttruja- People with certain types of accents saying the words, "True, ya..."

beazwkls- None of your beazwkls!

ubarah- The terrorist that attacks on the Yogi Bear show.

hagacy- the trail of grumpy people that a hag leaves behind in her wake.

ghaxp- gasping with a hiccup.

hyijwya- Indian name for highway

figabo- what Jodie Foster in the movie Nell said when she wanted a fig newton


Kristin said...

Man! You're funny and your posts are WAY more entertaining than anything I ever post. Maybe I'll work on that... maybe.

Clancy in Idaho said...

Lol! Thanks, Kristin! I get on kicks now and then... and then I get off kicks now and then too where I feel like I have nothing intelligent to say. But I appreciate the compliment! :)

Fiagle Family said...

Hey Clancy.. Thanks for the shout out. I remember you are too cute. It is fun keeping tabs on everyone especially since we are all so far away. I do have to tease you that you have way too much time to make up names...I can hardly even post anything. myabe I need the time management class. hahaha. YOu should play the game where you make up definitions of words. Ever played. Youd win hands down. Stay cute!! PS I always miss spell the words..maybe I should get some glasses with my class

Maria Hart said...

Balderdash is definitely the game for you. That is a great way to get through those silly words. I constantly mess up letters as well.
I also love Ella's reaction to your telemarketing acting... there is no guile in childhood!