Thursday, May 8, 2008


At times, those who say they love you secretly slash at you with miniature knives. Or pluck out little saplings of joy that you carry. Or make you second guess the safe places in your heart. Most of the time, they are oblivious to their cruelty.

You allow it only because you never learned to set boundaries, and therein lies your lesson. To each their own lessons come, and all you can do is seek to learn yours and grow yourself. At times that bothers people that you WANT to learn the lesson- that you WANT to grow... and that just doesn't matter. You are the Michaelangelo of your life, not them. It's YOUR masterpiece, not theirs.

So when those slashes come, draw your line in the sand beyond which they cannot pass... unless you choose it.


Britta said...

Clancy, As always you are nothing short of amazing. This is an incredible post and says so much in so few words.


Kristin said...

Echo to Britta's comment. One thing though, what brought this on?

Mags said...

This is a wonderful reminder and great advice. I just hope that it wasn't written because you are sad.

Kristin said...

I updated my post on this subject... I would love your thoughts!

Mic and Jazzy said...

Hey thanks for all of your comments- I am so looking forward to meeting you finally- Your family is beautiful!

Maria Hart said...

Your poetry is beautiful. The beginning is so tragic and painful. And the end, sorry to be melodramatic, I have this great image running through my head. You know that part in Lord of the Rings, where Gandalf stands on the stone bridge and he bellows to the devil buffalo with the wicked whip tale, "You... shall not... pass!" That is one of my favorite parts in the whole series. He is so powerful, so convincing. It is a truth, sometimes we draw our lines in the sand, sometimes we draw them on stone, sometimes when we are perched precariously high in a ledge, but we must draw them. I love your masterpiece metaphor. It is our canvas, or piece of marble. That is truth. Thanks.

Clancy in Idaho said...

Britta- Thank you. You are always one of my greatest encouragers.

Kristin- You already know!

Mags- Thanks! And I was sad, but I'm better now. Writing always helps, as you well know! :)

Micci- Thanks, I agree my family is rather beautiful... in my completely biased opinion! ;)

Maria- I laughed right out loud when I read your comments because I was picturing Gandalf when I wrote that last line. In fact, I went to YouTube and typed in "Gandalf - You shall not pass" and watched that little clip from the movie! So, I guess I got my message across without plagiarizing, ya? LOL! Thanks for your nice comments. And thanks for this weekend's events!

Britta said...

Happy Mother's Day! You are one of the greatest example of true Motherhood, love and selfless service and I could never tlel you enough how much I love you!!