Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Thrill of a Convertible

Grandma and Grandpa came up yesterday. They got a convertible a few weeks ago and they put the top down and took the kids around the block. They came back from their windy ride (and chilly, notice the coats!) and I asked them how it was.

Mac (with a tone of excited reverence) "It was AAWWESSOMME!"

Ella (with a tone like Crush the turtle on Finding Nemo) "It was SSWWEEEEEEEET!!!"

Rohan (with a two-year-old-already-forgot-about-it tone) "I wike my toys, Mom!"

1 comment:

Britta said...

How much fun for the kids and how darling of your little Ro Ro!!

This reminds me of our sweet times in the baby jeep! Um like that one time the cops pulled us over because you were standing and leaning on the roll bar?! I don't know who is for doing it or me for driving while you did it!!!

Glad the kids had a great time!