Monday, April 7, 2008

Tag Kids!

So... I've been working on this blog for days and days. I wanted to get the kids to answer for themselves (with the exception of Rohan) and I succeed with Mac. Ella told me some things and then freaked out when I told her that people were going to read it! She's so cute...
Anyway here it is...

Mac, Ella, and Rohan got tagged by their friends Ellie and Dayton with "10 Things You May or May Not Know About Me".
Whew! Here goes....

1- There is, at this point in my young life, not one vegetable my mom found that I will eat - at least on a regular basis! I will have one pea occasionally or one bite of a crunchy carrot... and when I say occasionally this is MAYBE a once every two or three months kind of occasion! I mostly will not eat fruit either. Perhaps a nibble of a orange or strawberry occasionally, but that's it, baby!
2- I love to build Legos with my mom! (see previous post)
3- All my mom's kids have one comfort thing that hangs on from babyhood. Mine is hair. I love to play with hair, especially when I am tired. When I was a baby and my mom was trying (in vain, mostly) to get me to sleep in my crib, she would stick a lock of her hair (which was long at that point) through the bars of the crib and I would play with that until I went to sleep. Since my mom cut her hair very short, I tend to play with my own hair more. It makes mom kinda sad that I don't play with her hair much now.
4- I have perfectionist tendencies. I have to do things in just the right order or way. If I don't, I do them over again and again until they are just right. For example: We have a van. When I was a little younger, I had to get out of the van in just the right way. I would climb out of my chair by myself, (no, MOM, Roh Roh do it!!!!) and then I would hold out my hand til mom gave me her finger... not her whole hand and not just any finger.... her pointer finger. Then, with my other hand I would hold on to this bolt that sticks out of the sliding door of the van. THEN, I would STEP down out of the van. Not jump... not climb... but STEP! This was a LARGE step for my little body. It would be like an adult trying to "step" off of a four foot high wall. If the step didn't feel just right, I would climb back in and do it all over again. Most days my mom tries to humor me in my antics, but when she's in a hurry and she makes me do things her way (fast), I get very upset and throw a huge fit... to which mom says, "Sorry, dude! We're in a hurry today and you gotta do it Mom's way!"
5- When I was a mere 16 months old, I would watch THE WHOLE movie of The Karate Kid. Not just once, but over and over for months at a time.
6- I am SOOOO cute! My brother, sister, Mom and Dad always want to eat me up cuz I'm so cute!!!
7- I am a concerned little guy. If someone even says the word "Ouch", I immediately ask, "You okay?"
8- I don't yet know how to fall asleep without my mom or my dad laying by me. I used to... until the day I refused to sleep in a crib (15 months old). To get me to STAY in my bed, mom and dad started to lay by me and they haven't had the gumption to figure out how to stop!
9- I talk in my sleep and my mom thinks it's so cute.
10- I learned to walk at 8.75 months! And I learned to pedal and steer a bike just before my second birthday!

1- I am a sunshine kinda girl! I am sweet and loving and sprinkle joy wherever I go!
2- I was an angelic baby. (and still am angelic...) I slept through the night at six weeks old. Not just any old six hour or eight hour kind of sleeping through the night... My mom would put me to bed at 7 o'clock p.m. and I wouldn't STIR until 7 o'clock a.m.!!! Mom thought she had died and gone to heaven... oh wait... she was still waking up with MAC a few times a night. (he didn't sleep through the night until he was three years old!)
3- I, like both my brothers, have my little "vice" that has hung on from babyhood. Mine is my DiDi. DiDi is a special blanket that I love to "suck". I actually put my thumb in my mouth (but strangely, do not suck my thumb... it just sits in my mouth) while I pull the satin edge of my now tattered blanket through my fingers and rub it on my cheek.
4- I love to play Legos with my mom.
5- I am a really good little singer. I have great pitch for a 5 year old!
6- I am extremely tall for my age. I always have been! When Mac went to first grade, the teacher was trying to find a seat for me cuz she thought I was in her class!! My mom told her that I was only 4 years old and the teacher couldn't believe it! I was taller than half the kids in the class!!
7- I walked at 8.5 months! I crawled for only two weeks before that (at 8 months!). I learned to ride a bike with no training wheels last summer!! YAY!!!!
8- I love to listen to most all music, and almost anytime music is on I run and put on a dress so I can dance properly!! I mostly love to listen to "girl songs" (anything sung by a girl) but I also really like Journey. My favorite Journey songs are "Any Way You Want It" and "Separate Ways"!
9- My favorite colors are pink and purple. I am definitely a girl... I love to play with Barbies and baby dolls and My Little Ponies. I also love to read Little House on the Prairie books with my mom.
10- My mom and dad picked my name before mom was even pregnant with me. When they found out they were having a baby, they told both of my grandmas that if I was a girl they were going to name me Ella. They found out then that Ella is the name of my Grandma Nene's Grandma, and my Grandpa Roger's Grandma too! So I'm named after a great-great grandma on both mom's and dad's sides!

1- My real name is McKinley. My name has quite a heritage. It was my great-great grandfather's name, as well as my great-great uncle, and my uncle, and now me! My great-great Grandpa McKinley (he went by Mac too!) was born on the day President William McKinley was shot. My Grandpa Mac's parents were friends with the President and his wife, and so they named their baby William McKinley after their friend and President. Cool, huh!?
2- I REALLY, REALLY love video games. All kinds... little computer games, Wii games, PS2 games, Game Cube... I think they're all great and sometimes that's all I think about!
3- I love to build Legos with my mom. And I love cameras and playing soccer!
4- I learned to walk at 9.5 months and learned to ride a bike with no training wheels when I was still 3 years old! (a few months from 4)
5- When I was a baby, my big vice was my binkie! I LOVED my binkie, and I still tell my mom that I miss it even though I'm almost 8 years old!!!
6- I'm curious about everything! I like to get books at the library that tell me about different things! I don't like school, but I do like to learn new things.
7- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE horses! I have loved horses since I was a tiny boy. They are my "thing". I have LOTS of toy horses, but not a real one. I want one though.
8- When I was about 2 years old, my mom and I were mad at each other. I got my face all scrunched up and as angry as a two year old can say something, I said, "You want piece of ME?!!!" I was only two!!! My mom couldn't believe that her little two year old would ask that, and it made her laugh to herself! This has pretty much been my motto for my life. I a feisty kind of guy... but equally sweet!
9- I am a very hard worker. I love to work with my dad or grandpa or grandma outside. I also love to help my Grandpa Brayt with projects. One time they had to replace the floor in their bathroom and I carried every piece of board to the garbage pile! Grandpa cut them into small enough pieces for me to carry by my two-year-old self!
10- I love the outdoors, I love to Rollerblade (and I'm really good at it... I can even take jumps!), I love my family, I love to go camping, I am a picky eater, and I have a huge heart that is so sweet and big!!!

And all three of them say, "My mom can hardly believe she is so lucky to have me!!!" ;)

Wow!!! I think I'm finally done with this!!! I think we will tag our friends Keller, Emma and Angela, as well as Hazel, Lilie, and Elsie! Oh... and Mac requested that we tag Gramma Nene!! :) (She's a kid at heart...heck, we gave her a giant teeter-totter for Christmas!)


Britta said...

I laughed reading Roh Roh's process of getting out of the van! You are a patient Mom!

I love that Ella's name is so significant and also that she was concerned with others reading about her!

What's funny is that I remember Mac being at our condo with you at age 2 and he had a plastic horsey with him! I'll also never forget, 'look with your eyes' from that visit and have often used that with my own!

Super cute post! I'm anxious to read your Mom's and really, really think you need to do one about you...TAG?

Rachel Chick said...

WOW! This might take me a while . . .

Clancy in Idaho said...

I know Rachel... it took me days!
I hesitated to do all three of your kids, but I didn't want to leave any of them out.. so feel free to do only one or whatever!!

Maria Hart said...

Amen to Rachel... this will take a few days. The girls are very excited though! They will be on the Internet... they are famous!