Saturday, April 19, 2008


My friend called me yesterday and was anxiously looking for a babysitter. She had tickets to go to the Symphony and hadn't had any luck. We didn't have any plans so I said, "No problem!". She brought them over, and they all had a fantastic time. Her kids are EXTREMELY well behaved and easy to have around so it was super nice for me! Our kids and hers are almost exactly the same ages and they all got along swimmingly!

One of the best parts about accepting the job is that she offered it as a trade! So, tonight we will drop off our kids at their house and go out on a little date ourselves! Probably just a little bit of dinner and then walking around the mall or something. It'll be great to just have some TIME with my hubby. Time without any of the "Mac, PLEASE be nice to your sister" or the, "Ella, PLEASE don't call your brothers names" or the "Rohan, no hitting!" A blissful two or three hours without having to say any of those things will be a nice reprieve!

We've talked about making this into a once a month deal with my friend... trade babysitting! And it is SO not a chore because they just all play so well with my kids that it makes us have an easier night than if they weren't here! What a beautiful barter! :)

I do hope that she forgives me for "sugaring up" her kids! ;) I made caramel popcorn at about 8:00, and as I handed them little bowls of it, it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps their mother wouldn't do such a thing at home. So, I asked the oldest if this was the case, and she wouldn't look me in the eye or say much of anything so I figured it must be so. Sooooo... I hope you forgive me! :)


Maria Hart said...

It has been an awesome swap. My girls are already planning activities for next month. As for the caramel corn... I won't ask what goes on at your house if you won't ask what goes on in mine! And I promise, I will only believe half of what the kids say goes on! You guys are very cool! It is great getting to know Dustin a little more as well.

Kristin said...

I love swap-sitting. It's so nice when the kids are similar ages and get along well. Brett and I went on a date last weekend (actually paid a babysitter to come over for 2-3 hours). After dinner we were at a loss... what do we do for the other 2 hours? We went to a nursery (plants, trees, etc), then to get ice cream. It was nice to not have Noah there making it less relaxing.