Friday, April 18, 2008

Recycling with Ella!

Does anyone besides me ever feel guilty throwing away a pair of jeans that have enormous holes in the knees? I hate doing it, but aside from cutoffs, which don't always look "sharp", or perhaps a denim blanket, I've never known what to do with them.

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I was sewing on Monday with my friend, Melissa. I thought I'd post about our little project!

Melissa's mom once recycled a pair of Elsie's (Melissa's daughter) jeans that had gotten holes in the knees. She made a cute little skirt out of them. Unfortunately, Melissa's mom passed away a little over a year ago, and Melissa wasn't sure about how to recreate it. So, we put our heads together and with the help of her mom's large stash of fabric that she inherited, we created little skirts of our own for our girls!

Ella was thrilled to be the recipient of an old/new skirt! These pants were even to small for her, but I cut out the inseams and now they fit! Anyway, Ella was pleased as punch and wore it to school! She is a darling little thing, and definitely all girl! (check out that pose! lol!)


Britta said...

CLANCY!! You really are my hero!!!! You have no idea just how amazing you are. Honestly, the skirt is darling, beyond adorable and so creative. As if that wasn't enough this is this endearing story to accompany it. You my dear are one in a gazillion and I count myself so fortunate/blessed/lucky to associate with your dear heart!!!

Britta said...

PS - You totally need to start collecting old jeans, mass sewing (in all of your spare time, right?) and selling those babies!!!!! Do you have any idea how much something like that would cost at Dillards???

Seriously, pretzels and cute as a button skirts!

Mags said...

Wow!!! What a great idea-and yes, she is just so cute!!!!!

Maria Hart said...

Very cute! I agree with Britta.. you could sell them pretty easily. You could either sell them at the summer Farmer's Market down by the river or clean house at the big craft fair at Bonneville High School in the fall. Making money from something fun is always good idea!

Britta said...

Clancy! You are the flippin' coolest! I just read your creative post to Taylor and it's official...YOU ARE THE CUTEST MOM EVER!

Genene said...

That is way, way cute,,,,,,,,,,, not to mention the cute cute girl inside the skirt. I'm loving Hawaii and I SURE DO MISS MY FAMILY!!!! I'm so happy I could get online and see your blog and catch up. All the posts and pics are so, so cool and heartwarming for the "ole gramma". Dad is sitting here with me reading and enjoying and says to say hi too!!

I'm also so happy that the legos have been a great gift to your family. Dad & I happily gave them to you and spared ourselves the pain of finding them unexpectedly with our bare feet!!!!

We're off to the beach!! and the farmers market for some cool, weird fruit.

Love to all