Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Reaping More Benefits of Motherhood!

I really need to be paying bills right now, but I wanted to blog a little bloglet before I forget! I was at my mom's today and we were trying to leave to go and get Mac. I gave Ella a Robin Egg for a treat (you know, those Easter candies that are like Whoppers but they can make you have blue lips?). Ella and Rohan had gotten themselves in the car and I was a little slower. When I got in, Rohan was crying that he wanted some bubbles. It took me a minute to figure out that he was talking about having a Robin Egg too. I gave him some and I told him to say thank you...

"Tank you my bubbos, Mom."

Cute!!! He calls Robin Eggs "Bubbles"! What a cute little monkey!

OK, so that reminds me. I guess this is just a regular blog and not a bloglet... Rohan wanted a piggy-back downstairs today, and I said, "You want a piggy-back, you cute little monkey?"

He said, "No! I not a monkey! I'n a punkin!"

Laughing to myself, I replied, "You want a piggy-back, pumpkin?"

Vehemently, he tells me, "I not a piggy-back punkin, I'n just a punkin!"

What a cute little piggy-back pumpkin monkey!!!!


Britta said...

I love these kinds of stories! This is the kind of thing that you think you will remember forever but it's also the kind of thing that you will look back on some time in the future and smile knowing that you totally forgotten about it!

Melissa said...

Gift of grace! ;)

Rachel Chick said...

LOL! So Sweet!