Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pain in the Neck!

The neck is getting much better! YAY!! Yesterday, when I went to the chiropractor, I only screamed... didn't cry. That is improvement. And it only was intense pain for about 20 minutes after he cracked things instead of 2-5 hours! YAY!! I did so well, in fact, that he gave me the day off today! (I have gone every day since Friday... except Saturday and Sunday)

Today I can turn my head so I can see over my left shoulder. I can't go quite so far with my right, but that's ok... I can go a lot further than I could a couple days ago and for progress, I am grateful.

For those of you I haven't talked to on the phone- I don't know what I did to my neck. My chiropractor said it is a combination of stuffing and ignoring. I "stuff" emotion in my neck. Then I "ignored" the pain until it reached the point where I wasn't functioning right. Dork? Yes.

Dustin has been on my case for months to go to the chiropractor, but I ignored him and now I've gone almost every day. Despite that, Dustin has been a gem. I spent part of Friday, part of Saturday, Sunday night, all of Monday, all of Tuesday and a lot of Wednesday in the recliner in our living room. Dustin cooked, cleaned, drove kids to school, helped them with homework, bathed them, fed them, and waited on me hand and foot... getting me ice, heating pad, ibuprofen, water, food, pillows, helping me get up and down when I needed it, and anything else that came up!

Not only did he do all that, but he also massaged my neck and back A LOT! He is an incredibly gifted masseur. My chiropractor commented on what a difference his massages have made in the speed of this thing healing. He was amazed... and I am amazed every day that I am married to such a sweet, compassionate and gifted man. I was am so grateful that, after waiting on me as much as he did, he would proceed to massage my neck and back for an hour or so every night. Thank you, Dust... you're the best!

So... the neck is on the mend, the neck brace is mostly off, and I am thrilled to feel human again!

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Britta said...

Gosh Clancy, I am so glad that you are doing better and that you have such a compassionate care giver!