Friday, April 11, 2008


So, for the past few days, I've had sick kids. Ella has had a nasty cold and Rohan had a fever and threw up once. Yuck! Mac has claimed to be sick too, but no symptoms. (I think he just wanted to stay home from school with his sister!)

Anyway, last night Rohan's fever broke, but I am thinking he has Ella's cold too. This morning he woke up GROUCHY and crying. He kept saying "Ouchie!" and holding his throat. I think his glands are swollen and his throat is sore...
As he cried and held his little neck he said over and over, "I NEED A BAND-AID!!!" I tried to convince him that a Band-Aid wouldn't help his throat because it was on the inside, but he insisted, and I relented. I put the Band-Aid on and he quited down within a minute.

I should have known because a month or two ago, he had a stomach ache and I had to put a Band-Aid on his tummy. (Actually, four of them!)

I'm grateful for kids who teach me about faith via Band-Aids!!! (perhaps the placebo affect would be the more appropriate term!)


Britta said...

So sorry that your little family is under the weather. The band aid solution is always so simple, works great and my only wish is that we could apply it to everything in life!

You are the cutest Mom!!!

Rachel Chick said...

Oh my goodness! That is hilarious!!! I love it! What a good mommy you are to indulge him!

Macy said...

Keep up the good work.