Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What If?

In casual conversation with a friend of mine I mentioned that I had never seen The Sound of Music. She was, to put it mildly, appalled. She took it as a personal affront that had never seen this musical and I am a "singer". The two ideas could not mix in her brain. I was simply amused by her reaction, but she took it as her personal mission to remedy this paradox. So, we set a date, and our families watched it together. I quite liked it, but after her STRONG reaction, have tried to evaluate why I had never seen this classic. Here's what I've come up with:

MOTHER'S! The influence of some mothers over their children is akin to a force of nature, like say, the pull of gravity. My mom's influence was this way for me. It was very hard for me to resist! My mom DID NOT care for musicals. I secretly liked them, but my own fears of disapproval won out and I just didn't watch them much. In my awesome Mom's defense, she has sound reason (no pun intended!) for her dislike. She always thought how silly it was that people would break out into song in the middle of a street with vendors all around or while professing your undying love. She thought it was silly and, quite frankly, I agreed... but that didn't stop me from loving the romance of it. I would sing every emotion, if I could, because it makes me feel good. Unfortunately, (or fortunately!) we can't all live in a musical. But what if we could...

And FYI... as I am now an adult, I am figuring out that I am ok with being me, and I will say it proudly - I love musicals in all their dripping cheesiness!!


Rachel Chick said...

Oh Clancy! I laughed so hard!! That was awesome! - And in the defense of cheesy musicals (only the ones that I like) I often break into song about silly things - sadly it just turn out as perfectly choreographed as the real deal, but I make up songs all the time to my kids - If only I were talented enough to actually sing and dance impromptu --- and every bird, animal, and person around me would instinctively know it also - life would be one continuous musical for me!!! :)

Britta said...

OH NO YOU DIDN'T! Now Clanc, you know I love you and believe me, I love a good musical. However, I saw this little video for the first time last week and I just think it's creepy! I think it makes me feel physically awkward or something but I just want to start apologizing to everyone for those nuts!!!

On a more serious note, I do adore your thought process. You have such a high level of self awareness and are able to navigate through ideas and past experiences to make some sense of it all. The whole while you are honest and okay with it all. You are a rock!

Marie said...

It is too funny and very interesting that your mom and my mom being from the same parents are obviously not from the same mold! Sound of Music is one of my all time favorites and also Ashley's. I am pretty sure we watched it a lot as kids when it came on TV. My parents did instill that in us - I think we had some holy grail type of excitement for some of the old movies - we just couldn't wait to come on TV. Some of the others that I can remember include Wizard of Oz and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It's kind of weird that our kids have for the most part never known that kind of waiting in anticipation for the once or twice a year that a favorite movie would come on - no video stores or cable tv to meet our every demand back then.

Ashley and I haven't watched it as much lately as we used to, but I did recently buy it on DVD because the VCR went out a while back). I actually had a friend at work with the same problem you had (just kidding) - she has never seen this movie. That helped prompt me to buy it so that I could "convert" her like your friend did for you. Actually I haven't brought it to her to watch yet, and I don't know if she will enjoy it the same or not being of a different culture, although raised here in the US, and not musically inclined that I know of.

Anyway my love of this movie is almost a spiritual thing - you know it brings tears to my eyes and goose bumps just thinking of it sometimes - it's probably just all of the related emotions that go along with the watching of the movie - and the memories of friends and family who share the love of it, too. So welcome to the club!