Monday, March 10, 2008

The Tooth Fairy is an Idiot!

tooth fairy
So... We all enjoyed the exciting news that Mac lost one of his front teeth. As he was going to bed that night, he asked me (as he has several times before) who the tooth fairy is. I always respond with, "Who do you think the tooth fairy is?" That night was no exception, and he promptly said, "You."
To which I just hmmmmmmmed. He kept saying all of this in the presence of his little sister, who doesn't question such things yet. I was trying to pass him the hint to ask me when she wasn't around but it wasn't getting through.
I finally knelt down next to his bed and, whispering, asked him if he really wanted to know who the tooth fairy was. He said yes and I whispered, "It is me." His sweet face was a mixture of triumph and let down. Strangely, he sort of giggled and said, "I thought you were going to say it was Aunt Bronwyn!" (who is MY aunt.... weird, no?)

I was up dipping until VERY late that night. Off and on I kept remembering that I needed to go get his tooth and exchange it for a dollar. I finally thought, "I'd better do it now so that I don't forget!" and I went and got the tooth. I didn't have a dollar on me and didn't want to go upstairs just yet, so I set it on the stairs to remind me when I went to bed. (It was in a bag... not just a lone tooth!) I know that YOU know where this is going... I FORGOT!!! I went to bed without putting the dollar under his little pillow!

I woke up in the morning to Mac telling me that the tooth fairy (who he now knows is his MOTHER) forgot to come! He said this with a dollar bill in his hand. I asked him where the dollar came from and he said, "Ella felt bad, so she gave me her dollar that she got from her last tooth that she lost."

Say it with me now.... I-D-I-O-T! I felt so dumb! I guess I was glad that he knew it was me so that his dreams weren't crushed... I could just say how sorry I was and tell him to reach into the pocket of my pants (that were on the floor) and pull out his own tooth-fairy-payoff!

And it comes as no surprise that he told his little sister all about who the tooth fairy is who forgot to do her job!!! But, just between you and I.... I don't think she believes him! ;)


Maria Hart said...

Say it with me... H-U-M-A-N! I just posted my own bad tooth fairy experience. It was pretty bad. It should help you feel better.

Rachel Chick said...

awesome clancy! That is exactly what I would have done! Don't you hate it when you're a retard. I am on a regular basis!

Britta said...

No, no, no! Be nice to you!!! Do you know what the real beauty in this is??? Your darling daughter shared and that is the real lesson for us all!! This is something that they will always remember and will bring smiles to your family for years to come!

Genene said...

I love it!!! I, for one, am one of the parents who has forgotten the prime directive of money in a timely manner from the tooth fairy. So.... I can relate and the Ella thing is just amazing to me and creates more love for her in my heart, even admiration for the young, sweet thing she is. And, how 'bout that Aunt Bronwyn thing!!! Too funny!!! :?

Love Mom

Mags said...

Oh man...that's tough-for you and for him!!!

Though, I have to say, it's kind of funny that the tooth fairy forgot after he knew the truth...