Wednesday, March 5, 2008

There's Nothin' Like Smellin' Like Chocolate!

It's pretzel time again, kids!!! And with pretzels time, comes insomnia! Yes, it is currently 2:08 a.m. I still have to get up in the normal a.m. hours and package the pretzels. Thank goodness for my lovely hubby's help. I wouldn't have made it without him!!! Just thought I'd post a few pics of the wretched things that keep me up so late!!!

Pretzels waiting to be packaged!

Tell you the truth, I am grateful that I smell of caramel and chocolate, because that means some extra money to help out! I need to quit my whining about pretzel time. It is such a blessing!

Apples and Caramel Pecan Bars..... already packaged and ready to roll!!!

Don't they look cute and springy? I think Spring is my favorite for the ties! They make me happy with their bright cheery colors!

Happy Wednesday!


Britta said...

Clancy, I cannot even tell you how very much I love you! You are so talented and are such an amazing and beautiful person!!!

And yes, they look super springy! Also Edward would laugh knowing you referred to them as 'wretched', silly girl!

I had a dream last night that you and I were flying to Hong Kong!!!

You are most definitely one of my most very favorite people ever and I just can't help but tell you again that I love you!


Clancy Passey said...

Awesome!!! What were we going to do in Hong Kong?! That sounds sweet! To be perfectly honest even the plane ride sounds fun cuz we could talk for like 14 hours straight! :)

LOL... Edward would laugh at me saying wretched? That is hilarious! Are you reading those books again right now? You are referring to them an awful lot lately! ;) You are one of my favs too, and I might possibly be your biggest fan! I love you too!

Rachel Chick said...

Oh, Clancy! You make such beautiful things! Those look good enough to eat! ha ha! you think? if you have any mess ups, feel free to bring them on over!!!

Rachel Chick said...

Clancy, you need a high five or maybe a piece of cake or something . . . you make me laugh so hard. I got a kick out of your comments! Yer awesome!

Rachel Chick said...

comment-orhhea is awesome, is it not? as is blog-surfing at midnight! Thanks for your last comment! It's been a rough . . . year. (((sigh))) It's amazing that anyone else could feel like a failure. I thought I was the only screw up! :) And thanks for your quote. It's true isn't it? Otherwise, why would he send those sweet little people to retards? People who have no idea what they're doing. It must be part of the plan, as is learning that you're retarded. :) Thanks again!

Mags said...

Wow!!! Awesome job Clancy!! They look fantastic.

And yummy-I love chocolate covered pretzels-they are my favorite!!!