Monday, March 17, 2008

Royalty is Gracing My House Today...

I wish I could still think that dress-ups were entertaining. I keep watching my kids- Ella in particular- using their wild imaginations to make everything they do FUN! (well, we're still working on making washing the dishes or cleaning the living room fun... Mom is in charge of the imagination on that part!) This morning, they wanted to play in our Halloween costume box. This is the box that I put all of our past Halloween costumes, and as you can imagine, it provides hours of entertainment for those bright young minds! What cracks me up is that all the costumes are getting too small for them. I made this dress for Princess Ella in 2005. So, two and a half years ago that dress came down to the floor on her. It won't be too long before it won't zip up in the back.

While Rohan... his frog costume (which I did NOT make... that credit goes to Old Navy) was one all my kids wore for their FIRST Halloween. I believe that it is a 0-6 month size! LOL!! I'm not sure if you can see how tight those arms are... his little hands are bunched up in those webbed froggie mits! He can't even wear the legs. Yes, it's a full body suit for a baby. He's been wearing it for hours and just fell asleep in it. I tried to take off the hood so I could get his arms out, and he screamed in his sleep, "MY MASK!!! WEEV MY MASK AWONE!!" I guess he's sleeping in it!

I just thought I'd throw these pics in for a little pers-
pective. This was the actual Halloween of 2005. See Rohan in the frog costume? He's just a wee bit bigger now, don't ya think? And Ella... see the dress to the floor? (don't look at her sneakers sticking out of the bottom. Her dad was in charge of getting her shoes before we left the house and she got Mac's old tennis shoes!)
Mac was at school while they were playing dress-ups, but were he here he'd be wearing his knight costume as well. Knight, princess and the frog-prince! What a cute set of royalty!

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