Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Procrastination, Blogging and Habits


I've discovered that blogging is a wonderful form of procrastination! If any of you are worried because you are struggling with not getting enough procrastination in your life, just start a little blog, and you will have a fantastic solution to avoid all the things you need to be doing!

Just kidding... sort of. I just need to be getting all my numbers and reports put together for TAXES, and here I sit, blogging! Yes, we have an appointment with our accountant tomorrow. I should be doing it as fast and as furious as I can so that I can get a refund sooner... but, what can I say? I am an excellent procrastinator.

What is it about a deadline looming and a close shave that draws me? Is it the excitement? The adrenaline of near misses? Is it that I love pain and frustration... a bit of a masochist?

No... I am just being rhetorical. I know the answer already. It is simply habit. I am not in the habit of getting things done ahead of time and it is a habit I am going to KICK, or die trying!


Britta said...

Amen, sister! So while you may be a procrastinator you are one of the most amazing and certainly beautiful (inside and out)procrastinors ever!

You're certainly no masochist but you sure are a gem and as I said, an endangered species. All the more reason to love you!!


Nicky said...

I believe that procrastination runs in your family ;) maybe it's a learned habit