Sunday, March 16, 2008

Holy Missing Teeth, Batman!

So, the tooth fairy strikes again... or doesn't. It's pretty sad that Mac knows about the tooth fairy now.

It wasn't but a few days after front tooth #1 came out that front tooth #2 was torn from my son's smile! His tooth was kinda dangley, definitely snaggley where just days before it was barely loose. Weird.

Anyway, I offered to pull it for him that night. (I was trying to be brave. It somehow bothered me that his teacher was tough enough to pull his tooth, but I was squeamish.) He must sense fear because he would have none of it from Mom. He just said, "Naa, I'll just have my teacher pull it out tomorrow."

Needless to say, he came home from school with no front teeth, and a gappy smile from ear to ear! He said this one took the teacher 3 tries to pull, and he cried a little. The root was tougher I guess...

Anyway... later he brought his tooth to me in a bag and, in a sing-song voice, said, "Oh TOOOOOTH FAIRRRRRYYYYYYY!!!! Can I have my dollar?"

The little stinker now makes demands of his tooth fairy! :)


Britta said...

I love his expressions! Great shots Mom!!! Congrats on the loss of yet another tooth and I love his reaction/demand!!!!

Maria Hart said...

He has such a cute face, the kind you see on commercials or poster ads! His teacher may need to consider a career change, sounds like she is a whiz with teeth!

Rachel Chick said...

That is one great smile!