Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gotta Get Me One!

Ok.. this is the coolest thing ever!!! Have you ever heard of the AmazonKindle? I WANT ONE!!! This is the new technology for books and it looks way cool!!

Of course, this will never substitute for a real, honest to goodness hard-bound book. I love the way a hard-bound book feels in my hand... the weight of it... the smell. I love books. I am passionate about them.

But.... :) The convenience of the Kindle could be darn cool!

Check it out.... CLICK HERE!!! (watch the video demonstration, too)


Rachel Chick said...

Oh! I've seen those! They do look great! I love books, so the ones that I really LOVE, I have to buy, but it would be kind of fun, nifty little device. Lately I've been thinking of joining (at least for the trial period!) and downloading books so that I can listen to them while I'm cleaning. I usually just listen to Dr. Laura! I think it would be nice to fill my brain with some new information!

So, I also decided recently (like since reading your blog) that we are more similar than I ever realized. I think, Clancy, Dear, that we are just kindred spirits! :) ha ha!

Clancy Passey said...

Rachel, dear, I'm so glad to hear you say this, because I've felt the same way for a while too! (like, since reading YOUR blog!) I'm happy you felt the kindredness too! ;)