Friday, March 7, 2008

Chiclets Descending!

There was a little girl I taught in Sunday School who referred to her brand-new-oversized-for-her-seven-year-old-face two front teeth as "Chiclets". You know how kids' front teeth look all big and square and white... and too big for their mouth until they grow into them? I thought it was a hilarious description, and it stuck in my mind...

Anyway, Mac's big "chiclets" are on their way! He came home from school today thrilled with a new hole in his smile! He lost the first of his two front teeth! And he informed me that his "expert tooth-pulling teacher, who is a girl" pulled his tooth! He said, "She washed her hands, got a paper towel, grabbed my tooth and YANKED! Then it bled everywhere!" All this was said with his extra huge grin, and trademark smiling eyes! He's so cute!

So, the tooth fairy will, likely, be visiting our house tonight!


Britta said...

Oh man! I typed a massive comment and got an error :(

Let's consolidate, shall we? Two comments and two questions...

A) Mac is a beautiful child! Can I still say that about a boy his age?
B) I love the pics of his sweet smiling face that you posted! There is so much light in his eyes. He reminds me of his Mama!
C) I laughed out loud reading about his teacher and wondered if his back-in-the-day-sheet-rock-carrying-Mom would have been as brave??
D) Have I told you lately how much I love you Pants?!


Britta said...

Whoa, so I suck bad. I just realized that was 3 questions. Math was never my strong suit. Did we sleep through that class too????

I heart your guts!

Rachel Chick said...

He does have smiley eyes, doesn't he? I can't believe his teacher was so brave to do it. But then again, she's probably had a lot of practice being around that many seven year olds.

Clancy Passey said...

ha!! Britta... you crack me up!
I'm pretty sure math just blew right past me... and I was wide awake! I am a total wanny-cakes when it comes to pulling teeth! I can carry sheetrock, but I'm scared to pull teeth for sure!
I heart you too!

I bet she pulls 5-10 teeth/year! (that's only my speculation) And yes... smilin'est eyes on the planet... that pic doesn't even do them justice! ;)