Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And the Floodgates Have Opened!

Okay... (deep breath)... I know I should expect this. I knew it would come someday. But now that it is nearly upon me I am panicking!

Mac was sitting on the floor of the living room. I can't remember what we were talking about, but all conversation was casual and comfortable. Out of the blue, I heard Mac quietly say, "I think that Mom is Santa Claus too." His little sister was sitting right there in the same room with us, and I couldn't help but shoot him a look that said 'Put a lid on it!!!'. I didn't outright acknowledge what he said, but I'm thinking my look said it all. "Don't tell your sister what you're sharp little brain has figured out correctly!" was, in essence, what I said with that one brief look.

The tooth fairy revelation has now made him question everything. The floodgates are open in the mind of my seven and a half year old. He's no dummy, and I thought this would happen after I told him who the stinkin' tooth fairy was. I am trying to decide if I should tell him, 'No, I'm not Santa Claus.' (It's Dustin who makes the money to buy all the presents Santa brings!) It feels more magical for me to have them believe.

Or should I tell him and hope he won't tell my sweet Ella? Should I just hope he'll give her a few more years of Santa Magic? I don't know what to do! Input would be appreciated!!!

You wanna know the weirdest part? When I first gave birth to this precious boy, I didn't want to have Santa visit our house. I planned to tell the story of Nicholas and tell what Santa represents, and then let them know that we would be acting the part of Nicholas on Christmas Eve. I didn't want to lie to my kids. Well, I tried that when Mac was young. He believed anyway. He believed in Santa without my telling him a bit of a lie. I told him what would be happening and he still thought it was someone else coming and bringing gifts. It was a crazy thing, and so I went with it. Now that it's all coming full circle, I'm the one upset that I might have to have him NOT believe!

Ahh... the mess we get ourselves in to when we don't tell the truth!BW Traditional Santa


Maria Hart said...

Here is what I plan to do when Angela finally figures it all out. She still wants to believe right now, though her questions are getting closer to the mark. Once she is "in" on the secret, John and I will fully solicit her help to KEEP the secret. I think kids understand the concept that sometimes it isn't necessarily WHAT you believe, it is the act of BELIEF that is important. I think human life was hard-wired to have faith, to believe. We WANT to believe in something, anything. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, it is all innocent and fun. It prepares their minds for other beliefs: God, Jesus Christ, Jospeh Smith, eternal life... all which come with the questions at some point or another, Is this true? Is this real? As in all ideas we are bombarded with, some are true, some are not, sometimes we accept truth, sometimes we seem to prefer falsehoods. But I am getting more philosophical. Back to Mac, get him on board. My experience has been that older kids LOVE being "in the know." Call him an elf, whatever, tell him the whole truth and ask him what role he wants to play in the charade to help the younger children still BELIEVE. He may be a more willing accomplice than you are prepared for! Have you noticed, the closer these special kids get to the age of 8, the more REAL their questions become, the more their awareness of truth, agency, right and wrong, consequences... get? They are remarkable!

Britta said...

Clanc, I wish I had an earth shattering response for you. I really liked Maria's ideas. I remember you saying that you weren't going to perpetuate the Santa myth and didn't understand it but knew you would be able to avoid this kind of situation. It cracks me up that Mac believed anyway! I really would try to incorporate him in it all as he'll feel special and enjoy it. Maybe even consider enticing him by letting him stay up late to help with things for Easter or Christmas or whatever if he plays along. Those small privileges go along way helping them to feel important, responsible and grown up. I really think it could be special for the two of you as well. It comes back to Gordy's three things...a friend, a responsibility and the love of God. This equation applies to just about everything!

Britta said...

Hey, when the heck are you coming down anyway??? I miss your cute face and am definitely not waiting until May!!!

Britta said...

whoa...i was just thinking about this again and feeling a little helpless. then i thought about it and holy cow, you better fair well with this one because you have to know that the birds and the bees are next!!!!