Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tubby Time!

(I forgot to post these, Britt! I'm glad you reminded me. Rohan woke up just after I posted that on yours, and I had to run upstairs... then I went to bed!)

This was not taken real recently, I think in about February of 2006, but it is my favorite kids-in-the-bath picture of all time! Look at their cute little faces!! I just want to EAT'UM!!! The haze on the pic is the steam in the bathroom. Maybe someday I can see if I could Photoshop it out... *which would mean I would have to get Photoshop!*

This is the favorite of Rohan! Look at that cute baby!

Those were my favorite... but I couldn't resist throwing a few more in...

Is it legal to eat children because they are sooooooooooooo cute? :P


Britta said...

HOLY CUTE KIDLETS! I love the bubble beards and I would say never lose the haze! It adds charm and makes the picture feel even more real, you know? I love little Ro Ro's expression in the one of him!!! Your moonbeams certainly are precious! I don't know what day it was but I know it was some day back in 1996 when you opened the front door on 5th North and my life changed forever!!

Mags said...

Ha ha haa! Adorable!

And if it were illegal, I'd be locked up for life! I gobble up my neice all of the time. :)