Friday, February 1, 2008

Square Pegs, Round Holes

She said, I feel so unsettled.
It has nothing to do with our stuff.
Just a feeling.
It's just not a good fit.
Does that make sense?

Yeah, it makes sense...
It's like a shirt too short that you constantly tug.
Like thinking you cleaned but it's just under the rug.
It's like Jr. High - feeling like a lost soul,
Like tryin' to fit square pegs in round holes.
Just doesn't fit.

She said, It's more than just stuff
and boxes everywhere.
"You mean your house?"
No, I guess right now
life isn't a good fit.
Like I'm waiting for something.
Watching out the window
Every time a car passes.

Yeah, that makes sense....
It's like the rain falling down when the sun is smiling.
Like oil and water, you just keep on trying.
It's like you've got the right piece but working on the wrong puzzle.
Like a fish on the sand gettin' comfortable.
Just doesn't fit.

Square pegs and round holes...
Just don't fit.



Clancy Passey said...

with a little help from my friend....

Britta said...

Clanc, you are just the best and I do love you so. Write on! I love the analogies that you perfect.

I miss you and hope Ella is feeling better.

Britta said...

What happened to your other cute posts that were after this??? There were at least two; one about a fun girls night and another about laundry piles! What happened? Hope all is well. I miss your face :(

Clancy Passey said...

I don't know what happened... they are still there on my end. Plus a few more. A girl whose blog I read said this on a post:
"So...apparently my blog has not been loading for you all for a few days now, but thanks to Google Reader not many of you knew that. I was wondering why my stats dropped so far and why comments started to dwindle... I had to take a few things off of my sidebar-one of them was my blogroll. It must have been something with the code-but the site is down so I can't get a new one."
So, maybe there's a problem with Blogger... I don't know, but I miss your face too! Can't wait to have girl's night one of these nights!