Friday, February 1, 2008

Good Ol' Girl Time

We're happy to announce that today is Melissa Denning's Birthday, and so we'd like to sing her a little tribute!
Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Melissa!!! Happy Birthday to you!

I know you're humming the tune in your head... now picture that over the Wal-Mart intercom while you're shopping for cereal and toilet paper! Yes, last night we kidnapped my friend Melissa for her birthday and drove around thrill-a-minute Idaho Falls making stops all over, complete with cue cards and a soundtrack (sort of... if the tech-ey could figure out how the heck to get the files from the MP3 player to a CD... although, to her credit, she only had 30 minutes and it wasn't her MP3 player) to clue the birthday girl in to where we were going! Emilee and I had a riotous time coming up with this hare-brained scheme. We laughed for days as we, cohorts, made up cheesy rhymes and thought of songs to accompany the evening. First, we (ok, Emilee) dressed her up like a cheerleader princess, complete with pink feather Boa. Then, we (Devon, Emilee, Melissa and I) went to Jamba juice while singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Then off to Robert's craft store and got her 3 helium balloons that we tied to her wrist. Then to Wal-Mart where we made her ride in a wheelchair (I didn't realize until then that Melissa was capable of embarrassment!) and bought her some luscious chapstick. Then, embarrassment was taken to a whole new level, as Emilee broadcast over the intercom that it was Melissa's birthday, and then Emilee and I proceeded to sing the Happy Birthday song for her... and Emilee almost peed her pants laughing! It was incredible in its hilarity. We carried on going to several other places, purchasing a little something at each stop... with a cute little dorky message and song for each stop. (dorky, ie: "Life would stink if you weren't our friend" and we went and got a perfume sample at Target, singing Smells Like Teen Spirit as we drove there.) We ended the evening with Cheesecake at Johnny Carinos. ("We know we sound Cheesy, but if you weren't our friend, it wouldn't be easy, we might be queasy" and accompanied by Johnny B Good!) It was great fun and a night not soon forgotten. Thanks girls!


Britta said...

this sounds like it was so much fun! you are a wonderful friend hands down and across the board!!

Denning Domain said...

Okay girl, this was truly hilarious and did truly embarass the crud out of me. You guys are the coolest friends ever!! We need to post some of the rediculous pics but i don't quite know how yet to get them off my phone. I love ya dude... You are truly one of my favorite people ever. I don't know what i would do without ya spicin' up my life. P.S. Hmmm...Your 30th is comin' up this year... Ha Ha.. Pay back BABY!

kerin said...

Hey Clancy!
Reminds me of our high school days! haha! sounds like it was fun;)
Thanks for passing on your blog link:) i've really enjoyed "catching up" with you through it. I'd love to talk more sometime. thanks for stopping by my page;)