Thursday, February 7, 2008


I just Googled the term "blogrolling" and I found the funniest thing on Wikipedia. Quoted from the link below... "This is a list of blogging terms. Blogging, like any hobby, has developed something of a specialized vocabulary"
Hence, the title of this entry! Blang is my very own specialized term for Blog Slang!

I never knew there was a name for those days you log on to your blog and feel like you should blog about something, but you can't think of anything (which is frequent for me!). Here's the "official" definition:
The state of being unable to think of any topic to blog about, leading to irregular, strained blog entries. A rush of interesting events can clear the block; this is sometimes known as a blenema.
Or how about:
A small blog entry, usually one or two sentences long.
Or maybe you might recognize this one from my entry titled Laundry Piles Pay......
A portmanteau of "blog" and "logorrhea", meaning excessive and/or incoherent talkativeness in a weblog.
And, incidentally, I didn't know what logorrhea meant, so I clicked the above Wiki link and laughed as I read this fitting description of my "laundry" entry....

The spoken form of logorrhoea (in the non-medical sense) is a kind of verbosity that uses superfluous or fancy words to disguise a useless or simple message as useful or intellectual, and is commonly known as “verbal diarrhea” or “diarrhea of the mouth.”

Ha! I love the internet.



MoonChick said...

I was "blog-hopping" today - mostly avoiding doing things like laundry, dinner, cleaning the living room, etc... and came across your blog. --- What would that be called, blalking or stalgger? blog + stalking.
Anyway, I got a kick out of your blog!

Mags said...

:) Ha! I was just coming over to tell you that you are going to show up on my blogroll when I reload it tonight. :)

Clancy Passey said...

Mags: Coolio! Thanks! I feel like a dork cuz we've never met, but I feel like you're my friend all the same! :) I guess that's the whole idea behind the blogging world. :)

Racheal! I'm so glad you blopped (blog hopped) onto my blog! Just out of curiosity, what led you here? I like being blalked. We need to get together MoonCHICK!

Britta said...

Thanks for the comfort chat on Friday. You're the best and I absolutely know that I am blessed to have a Clancy Pants in my life! PANTS, YOU ROCK! xxox

Britta said...

love the new background!!!