Wednesday, January 2, 2008


We're eating breakfast, just Rohan and I. I am reading scrips, and Rohan is just sitting quietly not saying much. We're just enjoying each other. Conversation ensues. It goes like this:
R: Mama?
C: Yes?
R: Mama?
C: Yes, Roh Roh?
R: I not Woh Woh.
C: You're not?
R: No I not.
C: Who are you, then?
R: Mama?
C: Yes, Rohan?
R: I not Wohan.
C: Who are you, then, if you're not Rohan? Do you have a different name?
R: Ya.
C: What's your name?
(Pregnant pause... Rohan is thinking of what his name is)
R: "O"
C: "O?"
R: Ya, "O".
C: You're name is "O" now?
R: Ya, I'ne "O", Mommy.
C: Ok, "O".
We continue eating. Rohan munches his cereal, content with his new name, while I stifle a laugh and enjoy reaping the benefits of motherhood.


Britta said...
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Britta said...

Way cute story, Super Mom! You are a blogging fool already...I know you have plenty more where that came from! I so heart you!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! xoxo bv

Britta said...

I miss you :(