Friday, January 18, 2008


Green and lush, with fragrance sweet
And variegated colors,
The flower thrives on warm summer days
With sun and soil and water.

As days grow short and seasons change,
The blossom dies, the color fades,
Withdrawing into its stable roots
Vitality that held the bloom.

Clouds roll in, and snows descend,
Covering life with a blanket.
Sounds are hushed. Life is still,
But growth goes on beneath it.

What growth occurs, the eye can't see,
The blanket quietly hides,
While covered up with frost and earth
The root grows strong inside.

Gently loosening it's hold,
The frost begets the waters' flow.
Days grow longer. Life awakes.
The dormant root, its quiet breaks.

Shoots reach up with perfect faith,
The cold a forgotten friend,
Through the earth 'til surface breaks
Where life begins again.

Harsh, though, that blanket seems
Of cold and snow and frozen earth,
Life demands those quiet times
Where after comes rebirth.



Britta said...

CLANCY! This is absoultely beautiful!!! I so love your thoughts, words, emotion and tender heart! You are AMMMMAZING and I am certain that I will read this often and think of you! You need to write a book. I miss you and will call today xoxo bv

Clancy Passey said...

Thank you for your encouragement. Always just the right word at the right time *tear*. Love you.

Britta said...

Clancy, I'm certain that you ave no idea just how much I love you. You really have such a special, unique and endearing spirit. I love, love, love you and wish we were closer. Thanks for the chat earlier as it's also so comforting to hear your voice whether we're talking serious stuff or just the day to day events that make up our lives. You are the best of the best and my treasure!! xoxo bv

Genene said...

Clancy, my dear one... How wonderful to read your poem! Living in the dormant season myself, it pulls at my heartstrings in ways I cannot express .
In your dormant season I see blossoms of self that are peeking up and working their way to the surface, just the beginnings of something so beautiful with the full growth yet to show; coming to give beauty and color to the earth and shower us all with lovely things to come.

As a gardener, I know, that this new budding is just the beginning and that it took the fallow, dormant season to bring it forth. Thank you for working it up to the surface for yourself and any of us who get to read it and be part of it.

I love you more perfectly than I can show. I'm one of your greatest fans.

You know who :)

Rachel Chick said...

How beautiful, Clancy. Truly. I love the things that you write. You inspire me. I love the way your mind works.

Polly said...

I'm just very simply, but powerfully, going to say...