Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beside Herself

She stands alone on cold concrete
Eyes locked on gray flecks of stasis.
Passion and purpose swirl around her like the whispers of a dying storm...
Only white noise. The kind you can fall asleep to.

Her back turned, she blindly cradles indifference with apathetic arms.

Time passes... moves with the dreaming child.

Flickers pull at her attention. Words tug at her stupor.
She grapples her Wraith, begging him to hold the foreground.

Flash. Distractions are Eclipsed.

Her eyes dart and indifference is jolted like a still heart under paddles.
One glimpse is enough to see her frostbitten eyes, her cement feet, her stone shoulders, her listless arms with back turned... standing beside herself.



Britta said...

Your thoughts and emotions run so deep. I keep reading this and searching for meaning.

Britta said...

we need a girls night, pretty girl! i've been reading this a lot and just want to hug you a) because you're just an amazing person b) because i just love you and c) because i never want you to feel anything except happiness and joy!

Clancy Passey said...

I could say the same for you my darling, Britta! About all of the above... btw.