Saturday, December 8, 2007


So, I've come to the conclusion, after reading Britta's DAILY (almost) blog, that I'm not the best blogger in the world. I am ok with that! I do the best I can, and that's the best I can do! I've just kept myself very busy since Thanksgiving tyring to unofficially evict someone from the duplex on 8th St. and DIPPING, DIPPING, DIPPING!!! I have had a few Christmas orders come in and I've gotten them all out on time... so I'm feelin' good! Dustin is a huge help in the dipping department. He mostly does the pretzels and I do the apples, caramel pecan bars and packaging and any other miscellaneous thing that this candy business entails! Mom came and helped one day too, which was great!
I must say that being a landlord is not the funnest thing I've done in my life, but it's taught me tons about the whole business and even more about myself. I am grateful for that. I don't know what these lessons I'm learning are preparing me for but I'm grateful.
Kids are doing well. Rohan is a monkey who has a hard time sleeping without me laying next to him... so that's a challenge. But he is such a sweetie, that I forget what a pain he is at night. His favorite thing lately is "Tubbies". He takes anywhere between 2-6 tubs every day! He's funny.
Ella loves to put on dresses and dance to Christmas music. She is a sweetheart and brings lots of joy to our family! She is really into sounding out words and trying to spell things. She walks around saying things like, "Mom, when are we going to go to the S-A-L-M-N?" (She's really asking when we are going to go to the store) Actually that particular bit happened about 2 months ago... that's just one that stuck out in my mind. She asks about 100 times/day something like this: "Mom, what does S-M-A spell?" or "Mom what does R-A-T-M-K-L spell?" It's cute. She loves to call Rohan from upstairs (when he's downstairs) by saying, "R-O-H-A-N! Come upstairs and play with E-L-L-A!" She spells out everything, or tries her darnedest to!
Mac is growing up fast. He's such a tender hearted boy! Last night I was reading Harry Potter to him (which he loves!!!) and Rohan was playing with one of Ella's baby dolls. Rohan kept trying to put the doll's thumb in it's mouth and he was working really hard at it. Mac was watching him and he kept saying, "He is SO CUTE! He's so cute I can hardly stand it!!!" He said something like that over and over! He is very tender and loves his little brother so much! He is growing up and becoming more and more "civilized", as my dad would always say! It makes it all worth it!
Dustin is a gem, and extremely patient (for the most part!) ;) I've been a little nutty lately and he just takes it in stride and loves me through it all!!
Anyway... just wanted to blog a bit about what's been happening in our house lately. I'm grateful for this beautiful life we are privileged to live, and for this Christmas season which, despite all the commercialism and traffic and chaos, is full of love and warmth and emotion. Just thinking of it warms me to the core.

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