Monday, November 19, 2007

In October, I got to go to Louisville, Kentucky with my Mom, Dad, and my brother, Taylor. It was great fun, but we got stuck in many an airport and went all over the country trying to get to Louisville. We were trying to entertain ourselves in one of the airports... (I think we went to six of them...) and took some silly pictures. I must say, I have no shame when it comes to making a fool out of myself in pictures. In fact, one might say that I'm famous for it, right Tresa or Mom? (or should I say, infamous?) Taylor might not be to happy that I am posting these, but we sure had a good time taking them.... I guess this is the end result of spending 36 hours flying from Salt Lake to Minneapolis, to New York City, to Washington DC, to Cincinnati, to Louisville! Enough to make anyone pull faces like this! ;)

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Genene said...

Heeheee hee!!! I said it before and I'll say it again...... to THINK THIS IS MY POSTERITY!!! I LOVE it!! :P