Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What the......?

So... inspired by Callin and Tricia, I decided to create a blog. Let's see how it goes. Today was Mac and Ella's Halloween party at school. I took a few pictures.... let's try uploading! I also took a video or two, we'll see if I can figure out this whole blogging thing. Mac and Ella had tons of fun dressing up. I thought I was getting a head start on their costumes, but still managed to be up way too late sewing last night. I had to get that final touch on Mac's werewolf shirt.... the three claw slashes on his back with shiny red fabric behind so it looks like blood!!! (the blood was Mac's smart idea, but I will take credit for the slashes and the execution of the whole deal! *wink*) Ella doesn't want to dress up as anything that isn't beautiful. She was the "Ice Princess" this year, complete with glitter in her hair which you can't see in the pictures. She had a grand time walking around feeling ultra princess-ish. She's definitely a girl! Rohan is dressing up as a dinosaur this year (Mac's old costume) but only likes to wear it for about 2 minutes and then he's ready to take it off and head-butt something and growl. He's very fond of growling. These kids are loads of fun. They are excited for the real deal tomorrow.... Trick or Treating! Oh, to be young!


Britta said...

I love, love, love you, Clancy Pants!! You seriously are the cutest AND I admire you more and more each day!!! The costumes are darling and your children are precious!!! xoxo bv

Genene said...

AHAHAHA......... and to think, this is my posterity!!! I LOVE it!!! :P